Leadership Seminars

Creating and implementing Leadership Curriculum across large organizations is one of our cornerstones.  Many great employees are brought up through the ranks and then asked to lead a team, or division. Rarely are these great employees given the tools of leadership, rather they are tossed into the deep end of the pool to either sink or swim.  This seems counterintuitive, it doesn’t serve an organization well to select a bright employee and then not supply the training and tools necessary to support their leadership role. Our highly interactive seminars are designed for the aspiring leader, new leader, and seasoned leader to hone and improve their skills.

Growing a Great Team

There is much data on the role of right hiring, right onboarding and right growth in employee retention and creating a strong team. Practical application of this data may be difficult to understand. This “down to earth,’ interactive training, based on the metaphor of a garden, will explore the role each leader has in the 8 steps of creating an environment where every employee can be encouraged to do the best work of their lives.


·       The Seed – finding the right fit

·       The Pot – placing the right person in the right role

·       The Soil – the role of orientation and onboarding

·       The Depth and Support – the role of mentoring

·       The Water – pacing learning with personal growth

·       The Sun – the value of encouraging feedback

·       The Pests – dealing with employees who have bad habits and hinder the garden

·       The Harvest – the results of great teamwork

Interact Personal Strengths Workshop    

This workshop helps you understand who you are, what you bring to the table on great days as well as what you bring on challenging days.  It also encourages you to look at aspects of your style that get in the way of your personal effectiveness. Most importantly, this workshop identifies the style of others and creates understanding  approaches to connecting meaningfully with them. Speaking the language of others will enhance your effectiveness in influencing your team, your family and your community


  • Identifying strengths and behavioral patterns that contribute to your personal and interpersonal effectiveness

  • Understanding how strengths can sometimes be counterproductive & inhibit effectiveness

  • Exploring how you can more effectively communicate with people having styles\ differences

  • Recognizing that style differences are resources

  • Discovering how you can use your talents to be of even greater service to yourself & others

Creating Giants of Others   

The best way to get your work done, is by helping others do the best work of their lives.  Understanding the principles of communication, setting expectations, and providing feedback that honors the other person is the foundation of exceptional leadership.


  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Building a safe environment for courageous straight talk

  • Applying coaching tools and building coaching skills

  • Setting clear expectations

Clear, Concise, Communication   

Most of us know a great deal about communication, yet so often it goes awry.  We find ourselves walking away, either huffing and puffing in anger at the other person or ourselves – or worse, we remain quiet and never share our perspective.  We often find it easier to “hope” the other person will have an enlightenment and we will be spared a difficult conversation. Learning the components of communication, our strengths, our challenges,  and our pitfalls assists us in mastering effective conversations.


  • Determining a leaders responsibility in the communication cycle

  • Identifying reaction to be expected in change

  • Defining why people have alternative viewpoint or stories

  • Listing the barriers to good communication

  • Designing strategies necessary to taking communication to a deeper level

Trouble with Teams   

Our best work is often accomplished in a team effort.  Our work groups are most likely designed with a team approach. Yet there are so many dysfunctions within a team; it is a wonder any work gets done at all.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to foster team camaraderie, respect and growth. This seminar will help you understand team challenges. It will provide tools for creating team respect, meeting management, and a more harmonious workforce.


  • Identifying the components of a great team

  • Defining challenges in team expectations and team work

  • Clarifying a leader’s responsibility in setting team expectations and responsibilities

  • Creating an exceptional team – through right alignment

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