Hazel is everybody’s best teacher. A legend!
— Cyndi Coopes, RN, Director, Mother Baby Unit
Hazel is an engaging speaker and always gets top marks from her audience. She brings a depth of understanding and a breadth of expertise to leadership principles.
— Gerald Winslow, PhD, Ethicist
I have watched Hazel build people, empower leaders, bring a passsion to education development. Most importantly she created Culture at our hospital.
— Rick Rawson, Chief Strategist & Co-founder at HC2 Strategies / Former Hospital CEO
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Hazel has the ability to provide clarity - she creates simplicity from the complex.
— Janis Tucker, RN Patient Relations Director
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She is a gifted communicator and motivating force who engages learners and changes lives.
— Kathy McMillan, Director, Employee Spiritual Care