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Hazel specializes in career and work-life coaching.  She has more than three decades in the healthcare industry and has oriented and trained thousands of new hires, new graduates, students and seasoned staff.  She has taught extensively at the leadership level on how to communicate and connect effectively with others whose style differs from one's own.  She is a certified Allenbaugh Interact Coach.  She has also been certified by the Littauer Personality Puzzle, and Gallup Strength Finders. 

Having recently been part of a system wide RIF (Reduction in Force) aka "laid off," she understands the challenges that come with transitions that may not be fair, nor deserved.  She has learned to embrace the opportunities that come with such a shuffle. There is an opportunity to turn from the “closed door” and see the “open window.”  

Hazel is passionate about supporting women in the workforce. She is dedicated to empowering women to recognize their gifts, strengths, and value -  instead of accepting feelings of abandonment or victimization.  Currently Hazel is conducting research on Women who have experienced Workplace Divorce.  If you have been laid off, been pressured into resigning or retiring, we want to hear from you.  Please complete the contact information.

Understanding how to thrive within the systems of which we are a part, and recognizing the challenges we face when we choose to change our lives are part of her repertoire.  For situations you may face that are outside of Hazel's know-how, we have created a network of providers that have the expertise necessary to meet your unique challenges.

Health, wealth and relationships are a huge part of balancing your life.  Our coaches are well qualified to help you in these areas.

Relationships at home, at work, and in community are great sources of strength and feelings of well-being. In order to live a balanced life, not only do we need fulfilling work, but also, a wealth of great relationships. When relationships are strained, whether with a parent, child, lover or dear friend, our self-esteem and work suffer. We need perspective, tools and words in order to set healthy boundaries. If you are experiencing disharmony in your life, questioning assumptions and values you have been given, or suffering from insecurities or loss, you will benefit from Caitlin’s expertise in Marital and Family Therapy.

Money and finances are often a major source of frustration and discord in relationships.  How you make money, spend money and save money are areas of expertise for Dan. He holds multiple certifications in wealth management and financial planning. He is an expert in guiding you to plan for your retirement in a time when many of the institutions that were designed to give you security in your futures are being threatened with insolvency. Keeping money in its proper perspective frees you to explore alternatives, empowers your decision making and enables your growth.


A Variety of Coaching, Suited to Your Needs

  • Private Life Coaching
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Telecourses

Individualized coaching:

We provide a free initial phone consultation to determine your area of need and then make a recommendation to you.  We can contract with you on a singular or discounted multiple session package to meet your needs.