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Need a dynamic speaker to inspire your audience to ignite their personal passion, purpose and power?

For nearly three decades, Hazel Curtis has been effectively empowering healthcare professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Combining her hallmark of humor with sage wisdom and stories, she brings many years of speaking and teaching experience to your event. Hazel will ensure your audience receives a wealth of actionable information.

Hazel Curtis is on a mission to Inspire Women to Unleash Passion, Purpose and Power. Living in harmony with your purpose, adding your power and passion is an unbeatable force.  That’s exactly why she founded Hazel Curtis & Associates, a team of Professionals dedicated to YOUR success! Although our specific mission is the support of Women, our messages are equally applicable to Men. For over three decades, we have provided workshops, seminars, educational retreats, coaching and keynotes to healthcare and business audiences. Our goal is to inspire you to CREATE a LIFE you LOVE – whether personally or professionally.

As a certified success coach, she shares stimulating messages to inspire women and men to recognize their unique strengths, unfair advantages and combine them with their personal passion, purpose and power to bring about more happiness, fulfillment and success.

A vibrant speaker with a humorous style, Hazel draws upon the stuff of life that defines each of us.  From her prairie roots, to the raising of three amazing children, and to her career as a registered nurse educator, she will draw from what is common to the human experience. Audiences are engaged, inspired and motivated by her gifts as a communicator, She delivers high-energy presentations, trainings and workshops. Her clients include entrepreneurs, businesses, healthcare organizations, and churches.  She speaks to large and small audiences both here and abroad, encouraging audiences to reach into their hearts and souls to draw out their best.

She is the author of “Lessons of the Cards---How do You Play Your Hand” a book designed to inspire professionals in the health and healing arts to discover 10 secrets to success hidden in a deck of cards.  She is also the Host of the TV series, “Kitchen Conversations with Hazel,“ a show dedicated to the health topics women share in the intimacy of their kitchens.

Hazel has the know-how and the ability to inspire your audience to personal and professional action!

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Topic 1: Lesson of the cards

This dynamic, humorous, and touching presentation inspires folks in the health and healing arts to connect to their hearts as they provide care to others.  Discovering 10 secrets hidden in a deck of cards, the oldest game on earth, reconnects the audience to the gifts they bring to a world in need. In an industry where burnout rates are soaring, regulations are crushing, and workloads are spiraling – connecting to the deeper purpose, unleashing the passion, and igniting the power of our work --provides us with renewed courage and resilience to meet the needs of our patients.

This seminar was really upbeat, encouraged participation and provided me with tools to help me apply it immediately to my practice.
— Deborah, Director
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“Life isn’t about FINDING yourself, Life is about CREATING yourself!”  Our constitution ensures us the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; yet many people are simply hoping they buy the lucky lottery ticket or waiting for their 'ship' to come in.  Yet, if you are like most, you never buy a lottery ticket and you live hundreds of miles from a port where a ship might possibly dock. While we wait for life to FIND us, we lose the precious gift of NOW.  Hazel will share 6 steps to Create a Life you Love. Although not simple, these steps will transform how you see yourself and how you show up in the world. Discovering your true purpose and passion will honor much of what you are already doing and align with where you want to be.

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The ability to be happy, have a positive outlook and remain resilient in the face of adversity is a skill one can acquire and hone.  Feelings, are simply feelings, whether they be happy, sad, overwhelming, frustrating, or angering. What you choose to do about your feelings, in other words, the selection of your attitude, determines your emotions. Feelings do not dictate emotions! Finding the joy in the moment is an art that can be managed by your choices. You need never be ruled by emotions again; unless you determine there is a moment, or space, in which you elect to honor an emotion. It has been said that “Attitude determines Altitude!” The 9 ingredients in BEE Attitudes of Happiness, will provide a platform to transform your outlook, determine what or who can impact your emotions, focus your energy on the results that most honor your journey, and empower your belief in yourself.

Hazel is available to serve as the MC for your event.  As a speaker, she understands the importance of creating the “bridge” from speaker to audience.   She is skilled at threading the message of several speakers to the overarching goal of your event.


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